Monday, February 15, 2016

Your homes comfort

Are you uncomfortable in your home? Have you replaced or added insulation? Are your utilities too high? 

Maybe you have spent time and money trying to make improvements and still you have issues within your home. 

Finding the problems can be and should be done by a qualified Home Energy Auditor. It is best done by a trained Building Performance Institute, Inc., certified and qualified technician. Here are two reasons why.
  • To properly diagnose your homes performance issues and to prescribe solutions requires a background in building science and most do-it-yourselfers just don't have the background.
  • To do the job correctly requires specialized equipment and diagnostic tools-such as a blower door and possibly an infrared camera-that are not typically in the normal tool box of the homeowner.  
By setting the house up and using specialized tools the home energy assessment can point to the root cause(s) of the problems that are responsible for the symptoms. The work can be prioritized with an emphasis on air sealing. To blow insulation in the attic without first sealing the penetrations responsible for the energy loss is just plain malpractice. 

You wouldn't go see your doctor without them having the proper degree, certifications or tools to diagnose you. Nor would you have them provide you a cast for a broken leg if you only had a hang nail. Well your home is the same. You can be exposed to undue risk, which can cause adverse reactions and consequences for not only the homeowner but the contractors doing the work and anyone connected to the work, no matter how distant. 

By upgrading the performance to your home you can increase value, comfort and at the same time reduce the cost in energy. 

Many of the utility companies have many programs that are free. You can also go to a Database of State Incentives for Renewable and Efficiency (DSIRE) at to learn about rebates and financial incentives. 

Most programs require contractors to hold a BPI certification. You can find a BPI Accredited Contractor near you by going to

Understanding that your house is a system can help you live more comfortably, healthy, and with lower utility bills.

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